I can't wait for summer....

Summer is just around the corner and I just can't wait. My doctor informed me the my vitamin D levels are low and one way to bring them up is to get some sun. Although I'm prone to skin cancer I look forward to worshipping the sun this summer in California.

Many days will be spent laying at the beach with a trashy magazine in hand (People, Us Weekly, etc.). Many days will be spent laying by my brother's pool with 6 crazy boys running around (my 3 and my brother's 3). Many days will be spent sitting outside of In and Out enjoying a yummy animal style burger!

Oh how I long for these days!

I've Offically Become My Mother

Becoming your mother is not always a bad thing! In fact I love my Mother, but there are a few things I wish I hadn't inherited. Here is the short list of why I've become my Mother.

1. I have a horrible time sleeping at night. (Thanks Mom -- this is one I would have passed on!)
2. When I sit for too long my back hurts and I walk like an old lady.
3. When I stand too long my back hurts and I walk like an old lady.
4. I stay up late and check my e-mails or surf the web.
5. I love to bake cookies!
6. I love to shop or just wander around a store. (My Mom could spend the day wandering a store!)
7. I'm a snacker! (Especially on rode trips -- this I definitely inherited from my Mom)
8. I love my family!

Thanks Mom for making me who I am today!


As a family we are playing the game "The Fitness Challenge". We divided into teams --Dan and Parker are the orange team and Brady, Cooper, and I are the purple team. Every week the goal is to exercise at least 3 times a week. As part of the game we place weekly wagers against each other as an incentive. At the end of 8 weeks the winning team will have their BIG STAKES wager fulfilled!


Do I have to?

Do you ever feel like stomping your feet and saying "Do I have to?" This simple phrase takes me back to my childhood years or maybe even the present!

Here are a few of my-- Do I have to's.........

-Do I have to go out into the freezing cold today?
I thought it would be warm since the sun is shining!

-Do I have to clean the snow and dirt off my floor again?
I thought my kids would learn to wipe their feet!

-Do I have to referee the boys for the 4th time today?
I thought they could try to work it out!

-Do I have to make dinner?
I thought we ate dinner yesterday!

-Do I have to pay another bill?
I thought I just paid them!

-Do I have to live in Albany, NY?
I thought I was a California girl!

-Do I have to do the dishes?
I thought I just did them!

-Do I have to cuddle with Cooper in the morning?
It's my favorite part of the day!

-Do I have to rub Parker's back again at bedtime?
It's something I look forward to!

- Do I have to listen to Brady's day in details?
I can't wait for him to get home!